Discover the benefits of using structured water units in your industry. Structured water reduces hard water deposits & prevents scaling.

Enviro WSU Advantages

  • Used For Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanges Etc..
  • Saves Fuel And Energy By Removing Heat Wasting Scales.
  • More Efficient Cooling And Heating System.
  • Saves Money On Maintenance.
  • Longer Life Of Hot Water Equipment.
  • Chemical-Free Deposit Control Products & Systems

Other Benefits

The constant battle of monitoring cooling and heating systems will become a thing of the past. Balancing the water chemistry on a daily or weekly basis is not necessary with our System. Cleaning of the systems will be much easier, involving a pressure wash one or two times per year, rather than extensive manual brushing and acid washing. When water systems are clean and free of deposits, heat transfer is at its most efficient. Clean pipes mean less energy is needed to drive the pumps.

Energy costs may be reduced by up to 30%. Many municipal sewer agencies penalise and charge fees to users, because their blowdown contains hazardous chemicals, which the agencies must treat. Without chemicals in the blowdown, those fees can be avoided.

The workplace is safer, because the staff is not handling toxic chemicals. Cooling and heating systems are large investments that need to be protected. Our System reduces corrosion, deposits, and harmful chemicals, all of which allow the equipment to meet or exceed life cycle expectations. Recent studies by manufacturers of cooling systems indicate that systems that should last 20 years or more are lasting an average of 8 to 12 years.